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There are many different materials & techniques employed in the manufacture of signs, here we try to explain some of the more commonplace methods:


Hand Painted:

These are what most prople think of as 'traditional' signs, hand drawn layouts, painted in with oil based sign enamels, perhaps with typical outlining & shadows, these can be very ornamental or plain .. not seen very often these days due to the time demands & customers requirements for speedy production.


Computer Vinyls:

Here is the 'staple' format for the majority of todays 'fast' signs, advanced manufacturing teechniques of these vinyls mean some have fantastic longevity, whilst others are used for short term applications. Standard midterm is 5-7 years calendered vinyl, cut from computer generated artwork & applied by hand to various surfaces including vehicles, banners, glass & panels.


Digital Output:

This is the latest generation of computer produced graphics, designed in specialist software packages, these are very high on computer resources, however just about anything can be produced & used for signage. Applications include vehicles, boards, windows, banners, posters, point of sale, stickers, exhibitions & many more.



Huge amounts of this material was used in the 60s, 70s & 80s for shop fascias, now not so prevalent but still very good, its usually seen as perspex  cut letters mounted onto perspex panels, also used for illuminated signs.

Routed & Moulded Dimensional:

These signs are usually 3 dimensional letters used in the same way as flat perspex letters, mounted to backing panels or straight to wall & buildings.


Architectural Structural:

Here its normal to see items like, freestanding brickwork, monolithes, post held panels etc, used as holding structures for any of the previous graphics materials.


Directional / Informational systems:

Many materials can be used to create these, including wood panels, aluminium panels, preformed extruded aluminium, sandblasted wood, perspex panels .. all with vinyl, screen printed or digital graphics fitted.


Screen Printing:

This is a method primarily used for the mass production of stickers & posters, but can also serve to provide repeats of items like teeshirts, panels, health & safety signs, promotional stickers etc. Expensive if used for individual items only, due to setting up costs.



Gold Leaf is a long established form of creating graphics, & embellishing dimensional items & carved or flat lettering, where reflective brilliance is required, no other method gives the same looks as real gold, it never tarnishes so can be safely used outside. Seen for years on banks & solicitors its now normally seen on hi-end restaurants & shops. Can be combined with other techiniques on glass to create some stunning & artistic show pieces for pubs & clubs, butchers & opticians.

This is just a quick overview of some methods employed today, contact us if you wish to discuss a sign you require & we'll be happy to look at many options together with costing for any method.

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